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Robinson Fresh and Albert Bartlett Introduce Perfect Potatoes™

There’s only one way to describe these perfectly bite-sized, perfectly convenient, perfectly delicious creamer potatoes. Brought to you exclusively by Robinson Fresh, Albert Bartlett Perfect Potatoes are grown in California, triple washed and dried, ready to heat and eat—no prep work, no guesswork. Just perfectly cooked potatoes with the bold, mouth-watering flavors that your shoppers will love.

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Welch’s® Grapes, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts

Upgrade dinnertime with this one-pan meal that looks and tastes sophisticated but is easy to create. When roasted, Welch’s® grapes get extra juicy; pairing them with balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, and fresh rosemary results in a sweet-savory flavor that’s sure to impress.

Meet the Babies: Green Giant™ Fresh Baby Vegetables

Green Giant™ Fresh and Robinson Fresh introduce you to a line of baby vegetables: squash, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Fresh from the field, these wee vegetables bring something new and interesting to your produce aisle and add convenience to healthy eating. Watch this video to learn more about the why next big trend in fresh is tiny.

Tropicana’s Supply Chain Story

Robinson Fresh is the exclusive provider of fresh fruit like oranges, grapefruit and pineapple in the iconic Tropicana brand. From tree to table, Robinson Fresh provides end to end supply chain expertise and efficiencies.

Glory Kale & Strawberry salad

Cut and prewashed Glory greens are convenient and dense with nutrients. This kale and fresh strawberry salad will have leave your taste buds satisfied.

Glory Power Essence & Pear Smoothie

Looking for a refreshing smoothie recipe packed with power greens? Blend Glory's shredded brussels and kale with pear, cucumber and cashew milk. Nutrient rich and delicious.

Robinson Fresh Grower Management and Development

Supporting our family of growers from the ground up.

Go ahead, play with your food!

At some point you’ve probably been told to stop playing with your food. That may have been bad advice. Take a look at these fun creations you can make while playing with your food. Add fun to your customers meal time by sharing this link on your social channels.

Mangos from Mexico

It’s mango season and our growing regions in Mexico are producing some of the world’s sweetest, delicious velvety mangos

The Life of a Mango

Do you know what it takes to get a bright and delicious mango to the store shelf? Find out what it takes to maximize the freshness of this popular tropical fruit.

A Mott’s® Apple a Day Keeps the Goblins Away

Ever heard of a pumapple? How about an appurtle? Check out this video to see how every day, ordinary apples turn into extraordinary things. Slice up some fun by sharing this link on your social sites.

MelonUp! Pink Ribbon Program video

The Melon Up!® Pink Ribbon Watermelon Program got its start in 2007 when Robinson Fresh employees realized they could positively impact breast cancer simply by educating consumers about the benefits of watermelon and combining it with a powerful cause-marketing program. The goals were simple then - and remain in place today: to educate consumers, to donate to breast cancer organizations and to increase consumption of watermelon. Become part of the cure, join this program today!

Tropicana Premium Citrus

Robinson Fresh is the exclusive, year round provider of many citrus varieties in the Tropicana brand. Shoppers love and trust the Tropicana brand.

The Art of Welch’s

Welch’s berries and grapes are Mother Nature’s work of art. Now they can be yours too with these creative suggestions for turning fresh fruit and berries into a masterpiece. Share the link on your social sites and spread the fun!

Introducing Robinson Fresh®

Learn more about how our new name unifies our fresh produce expertise from four business brands: C.H. Robinson Sourcing, Timco® Worldwide, Rosemont Farms®, and FoodSource®.

Grower closeup: Shoresweet Growers

Proud to grow mini and other seedless watermelons, Shoresweet Growers’ enthusiasm for growing melons is contagious.

Grower close-up: Flowers Farms

For more than 50 years, Flowers Farms has been growing delicious watermelons. See how their planful growing practices create juicy, seedless watermelons year after year for the MelonUp!® brand.

Innovation in action: Melons

Catch a glimpse into Robinson Fresh’s® recent trip to Israel, working with expert growers on seed innovations leading to exciting new proprietary melons including the juicy, flavorful CantaBella® melons, and an all new lemon-lime melon variety.

Robin’s fresh produce stand

In perfect partnership with Robinson Fresh, the supply chain experts at C.H. Robinson make sure Robin’s fresh produce stand always has just what she needs. Robin stocks up on watermelons this week, corn next week, then tomatoes, and so on.

Fresh pick: Pineapples

See how Robinson Fresh works with pineapple growers in tropical areas of the world to deliver a sweet supply of this fragrant fruit year round.

Misfits®: The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is that 6 billion pounds of fresh produce goes unused each year. The Misfits® food rescue program is designed to make imperfect fruits and vegetables more accessible and affordable to consumers while helping growers sell their entire crop. See how one retailer is leading the charge in food reduce through a collaborative approach with us.

Caprese Stuffed Rooster Potato Recipe

With their nutty flavor and buttery texture, Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes do more. Try our Caprese Stuffed Rooster Potatoes—an easy, delicious recipe that can enhance any meal.