Fresh, Fun, and Fascinating Avocado Facts for Cinco de Mayo

Fresh, Fun, and Fascinating Avocado Facts for Cinco de Mayo

April 25, 2019

One of my
favorite holidays—Cinco de
Mayo—is right
around the corner, and I always look forward to sampling the many delicious
guacamole recipes my friends and family put together. Every year it seems there
are more variations I get to try out, but no matter the ratio of tomatoes,
jalapeños, and
onions, I always enjoy that fresh, cool bite of avocado.

I’m not the only one; with not only Cinco de Mayo but also summertime on the
horizon, avocado sales are steadily rising. In honor of one of my favorite
fruits (yes, avocados are fruit), here are 16 avocado facts you might find

Health benefits and nutritional information of the avocado

  • While many people know that avocados contain naturally good fats, few know that they contribute nearly 20 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, potassium, and 11% of your daily value of fiber.

All about the avocado fruit

  • Avocados are fruits that grow on trees; they can be picked between seven and eight months after floration.
  • Avocados don’t actually ripen until they have been picked or fallen off their tree.
  • Avocados produce natural ethylene gas, which triggers the ripening process. The higher the oil content, the more ethylene is produced, causing the fruit to ripen faster. Higher oil content also leads to a richer flavor.
  • While there is great debate whether you ought to eat the seed or not, avocado seed oil is used in products like shampoo.

More avocado fun facts: the tree

  • The famous Hass
    tree was created by grafting the Patron avocado plant (the branches) with the
    Criollo avocado plant (the roots).
  • Depending on
    geography, an avocado tree will start bearing fruit in the third or fourth year
    after it’s been planted.
  • In Mexico, an avocado tree can
    bloom up to four times per year.
  • Avocados,
    when ready for harvest, stay on their trees for up to four months (depending on
    temperature and elevation) before falling off.
  • The Hass
    tree produces a flavor-rich avocado fruit with semihard skin that reduces
    bruising and makes the fruit more resistant to adverse weather.

Breaking down the avocado supply chain

Avocado category and consumer insights for produce marketing

  • According to Robinson Fresh® tropical produce consumer insights, over 75% of shoppers plan to buy avocados, and 66% buy them regularly.
  • On average, retailers promote avocados 22 weeks out of the year, more than any other tropical fruit.
  • Only 10% of shoppers want avocados to be ripe when they purchase them, and about 50% prefer them to be ripe three to five days later.

Of course,
tasty guacamoles are always complemented by some fresh mango salsa, made with avocado’s
sweet tropical cousin. Indeed, as the holiday coincides with large sales
increases in both avocados and
mangoes, we would be remiss to forget about the “Cinco
de Mango.”

If you’re
looking to buy avocados, mangoes, or any other of the 50 produce commodities we
consistently source from all over the world for your store, make sure to connect
with us today
. With more than 2 billion pounds of produce sourced
each year, we have sourcing and supply chain solutions that help grow your
complex fresh produce business.

Happy Cinco
de Mayo everyone!

Kevin Leap

Kevin Leap - Commodity Manager of Avocados

Kevin Leap is the commodity manager of avocados for Robinson Fresh, where he leads sourcing and procurement, business and sales development, and operational strategies for avocados. He is a California native who resides in San Diego. He’s been involved in the produce industry for nearly thirty years with the majority of those years working in specialty produce and avocados. Prior to joining Robinson Fresh, Leap was director of business development at Greenfruit Avocados and Frieda’s Specialty Produce. He was a sales director at West Pak Avocado Dulcinea Farms for several years and was a sales manager at Ready Pac Foods for almost 14 years in the beginning of his produce career.

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