4 Ways Insights can Drive Grape Sales

4 Ways Insights can Drive Grape Sales

As a darling of the fruit aisle for some time, grapes are a grocery favorite, and it’s no surprise why—from the ease of packing a bunch in a lunchbox, to the variety of flavors available, to the benefits tied to brain development, there’s a lot to love about the grape category. Grapes also pair perfectly with fresh salads, offer a sweet way to cool off when frozen, and can even be sautéed and served with savory dishes.

We all get it, they are flavorful, convenient, and versatile. But we wanted to know the considerations that drive consumers’ decisions to buy grapes. To learn more about this topic, Robinson Fresh® conducted a survey with grape-purchasing U.S. consumers. You can read all of the findings in our consumer and category insights paper, Sweet Potential: Understanding Consumers’ Grape Purchase Decisions to Increase Sales.

Drive more grape sales in grocery retail

More than 70% of shoppers buy fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, but only a third purchase grapes on a weekly basis. While a majority of shoppers (two-thirds) plan on purchasing grapes before they’re even at the store, there are opportunities for retailers to increase the frequency of sales from both planned and impulse shoppers. Here are four ideas to drive more grape sales:

1. Quality fresh product, year-round

When shoppers are making their decisions to purchase grapes, quality and perceived freshness are critical. Shoppers rank quality as the number one purchase driver—even more than price—and 85% won’t buy grapes when quality is poor. To align with shoppers’ fresh expectations and perceptions, carry grapes that are plump and consistently colored with green, pliable stems that hold fruit in place when the bunch is picked up. Gusseted bags make it easy for shoppers to see the quality and freshness of grapes as they make their way through your produce department; a clean, tidy display is also a great way to evoke quality.

2. “Grape of the moment” promotion to highlight varieties

Shoppers like innovative, interesting flavors, but many don’t recognize specific grape varieties. In fact, 86% of grape shoppers are looking for a grape type, such as green or red, versus a specific grape variety. A “Grape of the Moment” campaign provides the opportunity to educate consumers while creating excitement and encouraging more impulse purchases. Highlight the best quality, most flavorful grape varieties monthly—or more frequently—through peak seasons by displaying a variety’s flavor profile, firmness, shelf life and storage tips, and recipes. Promoting timely packaging such as Halloween or back-to-school helps highlight grapes in the moment as well. For one way to promote grapes through a delicious recipe, watch this video for ideas:

3. Play with promotions

Though most are buying produce weekly, grape shoppers tend to buy only twice per month. Try new ideas as you build a promotional plan, like BOGO this week/next week and buy one/try one campaigns. Or, offer a 3-pound clam for the back-to-school season—they’re not just for club stores! We go into more detail about how to play with pricing on promotion in our tropical insights blog.

4. Give shoppers the power to choose

While it’s critical to carry red and green seedless grapes year round—which, together, make up 90% of retail sales volume—shoppers like options. In peak season, build a large, well-stocked, stunning display with several varieties of each to attract their attention.

Final thoughts

Knowledge is power, and that’s why Robinson Fresh has dedicated teams of produce analysts and marketers delivering customized deep-data analysis, and tailored marketing plans. They diligently keep an eye on category and consumer trends, turning deep and detailed insights into specific, actionable recommendations and ideas to help retail and foodservice providers capture more sales. You can dig into these insights right here on Freshspective™, or download our consumer and category insights papers.

Connect with one of our fresh experts to talk about how we can put together the right grape program for your business.

Molly Tabron

Molly Tabron - Senior Commodity Analyst

Molly Tabron is a senior commodity analyst and has been with Robinson Fresh 10+ years. Having held leadership positions on both business and analytics teams, her diverse experience within the fresh produce supply chain helps to shape the vision for supply planning and analytics for Robinson Fresh. Molly is married with two young kids. In her spare time, she enjoys photography.

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