Leading the Produce Industry into 2020: Moving Faster Than Ever

Leading the Produce Industry into 2020: Moving Faster Than Ever

Before we head into the new year, I want to reflect on what brought us to this point and be grateful, as well as look to the new year in both produce and at Robinson Fresh.

The produce industry and Robinson Fresh saw change in 2019

Produce is being consumed more than ever before, and the delivery window to move produce from field to home is shorter than ever before. This speed to market is an opportunity. It’s a chance for our industry to reach more people, faster, with greater impact. As the speed to market increases, so too does our likelihood for consumers to experience a high-quality product as it was meant to be experienced–as fresh as possible.

Additional stress and complexity are added to the fresh supply chain when speed and volume are increased. We all know in produce that once a product is harvested, the clock starts ticking. Knowing the demographic and ensuring it’s a product that demographic desires is critical. There’s also risk in investing in a perishable product that consumers may or may not want to purchase once the product is ready to eat.

This is where Robinson Fresh has changed and will continue to evolve as a company. A lime is just a lime, but a lime in the right size and variety, to the right audience, provided at the right time, is what can make or break a produce grower. To help our customers and growers succeed, we do extensive research and have insights on global, regional, and local audiences. We work hard to make sure this fruitful product is meeting consumers where they want to purchase fresh produce.

Opportunity with more fresh produce in the marketplace

Satisfying produce customers is no easy feat; we must deliver a high-quality product that consistently meets their needs. We’re keeping a pulse on the industry and what consumers are most interested in buying, from kale, to broccoli to whatever is the next big trend, our category and insights teams are dedicated to keeping a pulse on what’s coming next for all our stakeholders. We also know that we couldn’t be where we are today without both our customers and growers.

We’re excited about another year of our team leading and being active in the produce industry, as well as building strong relationships to help our customers and growers succeed. Happy holidays to all, and we look forward to a bright 2020. If you want to connect with us now and into the future about produce distribution, please connect with a Robinson Fresh expert.

Michael Castagnetto

Michael Castagnetto - President of Robinson Fresh

Michael Castagnetto is the President of Robinson Fresh. He has built and sustained relationships with growers, suppliers and customers with a goal of helping them build, develop and evolve their supply chains. Michael uses his almost 20 years of experience and knowledge to open up global perishable supply chains and continue to build relationships with those in the fresh produce industry. His specialty is complex supply chains with a focus on fresh produce and integration of logistics to drive growth for customers.

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