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Happy Chameleon

Tropical fruit is fun. Make your shoppers happy!

When it comes to tropical fruits, personality is everything. Happy Chameleon tropicals are merchandised with a vibrant, playful, and approachable style that will bring a smile to your shoppers and entice them to buy more fresh fruits. The bright and tasty tropical products our growers harvest around the world will put your customers in a good mood. Year-round growers in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru provide juicy, high quality fruits your customers will find hard to resist.

Did you know?

Each pineapple plant produces only one fruit each growing season, and a single pineapple can weigh up to 20 pounds!

source: http://fns.dpi.wi.gov/


Our smooth-skinned Persian and key lime varieties will add color and flavor to your tropical aisle, tempting shoppers to add the tang of lime to brighten dips, salad dressings, marinades, and more.



Mangos add an exotic, fragrant touch to your fresh aisles. Build sales by sharing peeling and serving tips for this popular tropical. Perfect on salads, sliced for a juicy, nutritious snack, or added to salsas.



Offer paradise to your shoppers with tangy-sweet pineapples. Thanks to our growers in Mexico and Costa Rica, you can delight customers with these delectable fruits year round, in quantities that are just right for you.


We bring advantages to the table.

Add the value of our experience and expertise and you have a winning combination of high-impact packaging, innovative marketing support, and branded produce that shows customers you care about quality. Strong brands make a difference—and your customers are sure to start asking for the playful Happy Chameleon brand by name.

Fresh promotions

Pineapple is eaten the most around the Easter holiday, which accounted for 4% of annual sales in 2013, an increase of 79% from the week prior. Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Christmas also see strong increases in weekly volume.1

Fresh promotions

• Surprise and delight your customers with a rotating Happy Chameleon® pineapple display designed to increase your impulse purchase sales.

• Point of sale materials including signs, floor graphics, and shelf talkers will grab your customers’ attention and put them in a tropical mood.

Let's talk fresh

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