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Hand-picked goodness. Orchard fresh.

The perfect crunch of biting into a fresh Braeburn apple; the sweet satisfaction of enjoying a juicy Bartlett pear—Mott’s® Apples and Pears tantalize the taste buds and bring the same consumer loyalty to the produce aisle that North America’s strongest apple sauce and apple juice brand has brought to the center of the store for decades. Year round, our growers pick the most flavorful varieties from the best growing regions in the United States, including Michigan, New York, and Washington.

A Mott’s® Apple a Day Keeps the Goblins Away

Ever heard of a pumapple? How about an appurtle? Check out this video to see how every day, ordinary apples turn into extraordinary things. Slice up some fun by sharing this link on your social sites.

Fresh Picks


A perfect portable and healthy snack, apples come in so many crunchy varieties—offer a selection from our more than 15 apple varieties so your shoppers will have lots of delicious options. Share simple serving ideas in store—sliced Honeycrisps upgrade a salad, Granny Smiths make a perfect pie, and Galas are fantastic for fruit kebobs.



Sweet, fragrant, and perfect for snacking, pears can be juicy when ripe, like Bartletts, or crisp and crunchy like the Anjou variety. Showcase recipes to give shoppers ideas for accenting cheese plates, adorning salads, and poaching for a sumptuous dessert.


Sliced Apples & Snack-packs

Give your shoppers convenient options for breakfast, lunchboxes, or anytime a healthy snack is just what they need. Easy-to-eat sliced apples come in tasty varieties, plus snack-packs that add delicious caramel dip, cheese cubes, peanut butter, and more.


We bring advantages to the table.

Add the value of our experience and expertise and you have a winning combination of high-impact packaging, innovative marketing support, and branded produce that shows customers you care about quality. Strong brands make a difference—and as a brand instantly recognized by consumers of all ages, Mott's® is connected to words like quality, trust, and good tasting.

Apple sales are up, up, up!

Bulk and bagged apples account for the largest share within the category—94% of sales dollars and 98% of volume. However, there is much faster growth within value added, specifically in snack packs. While small in share, snack packs are significantly outpacing the overall category trend, up 61% in sales dollars and up 72% in pounds sold.

source: Freshlook IRI, last 52 weeks, WE 3/23/14



Check out our Jonagold apple. This apple is a blend of the mellow Golden Delicious and the tart Jonathon. Together, they create a honey-sweet variety with just a touch of tang.


Fresh promotions

• Spice up your fall produce display with caramel apple recipes using Mott’s® bagged apples.

• Drive sales when you encourage healthy snacking along with mustache growing as a fun promotion during Movember, Men’s Healthy Awareness Month.

Let's talk fresh

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