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Tropicana Fresh

Taste the sunshine. Year round.

The tangy, sweet burst of flavor from a fresh orange brings smiles and satisfaction all around. Offer your shoppers the sunshine, sweetness, and good health of Tropicana® fresh citrus and tropical fruits. From premium, fresh citrus to the lively, tropical flavors of pineapples and limes, the Tropicana® brand is a household name synonymous with quality and flavor. Over half of all U.S. households have Tropicana® products in their homes, making it the third-largest grocery brand in the United States.1

Tropicana Premium Citrus

Robinson Fresh is the exclusive, year round provider of many citrus varieties in the Tropicana brand. Shoppers love and trust the Tropicana brand.


Offer a full line of citrus varieties from California Navels and Cara Caras, to Texas grapefruits and tangy lemons. The Tropicana® brand evokes positive consumer impressions that will set your store apart and bring shoppers back, time and again.


Pineapples & Limes

Offer your shoppers paradise with our delicious pineapples and limes. These tropical delights add tang and brightness to salsas, salads and salad dressings, marinades, and more. Share tips for coring and slicing to make snacking on pineapple a breeze anytime.


We bring advantages to the table.

Add the value of our experience and expertise and you have a winning combination of high-impact packaging, innovative marketing support, and branded produce that shows customers you care about quality. Strong brands make a difference - and when the Tropicana® brand is merchandised in your produce section, customers will instantly recognize your commitment to excellent fresh produce.


Did you know?

Consumer demand for citrus items like oranges is often driven by causal factors like weather, competitor pressures, and product quality and availability. Oranges are a popular item during the winter cold and flu season as well as the January healthy eating push. Drive your customers to a one-stop selection for their citrus needs during these promotional periods and increase your citrus sales.


Fresh promotions

• Our streamlined citrus bellybands and point of sale materials add high-impact graphics that showcase the fruit and the Tropicana® brand.

• Put the brakes on hunger! Drive sales when you promote the AARP and the Drive to End Hunger campaign.


Let's talk fresh

Tropicana Lemon

I carry Tropicana Fresh citrus because the brand represents a consistent message of quality and value that my customers have come to know and trust." — BJ’s | Produce Buyer