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Wholesome sweetness. Ultimate for snacking.

Grapes and berries are the ultimate snacking foods that consumers love. Easy to grab by the handful and bursting with juicy flavor, they’re always in demand. Stock up on all your shoppers’ favorites year round—from a wide variety of crunchy green, red, and black grapes, to the sweetest in strawberries and blueberries. Picked to order at the height of freshness, Welch’s® grapes and berries deliver the impeccable goodness your shoppers have enjoyed for years. Make sure you offer the fresh produce consumers crave, all from a trusted, leading brand of juices, jams, and jellies.

The Art of Welch’s

Welch’s berries and grapes are Mother Nature’s work of art. Now they can be yours too with these creative suggestions for turning fresh fruit and berries into a masterpiece. Share the link on your social sites and spread the fun!

Fresh Picks


Crisp, sweet-tart Perlettes, juicy Ruby reds, and vibrant black grapes—perfect for snacking, adding to salads, skewering on kabobs, or beautifying a cheese plate. Set your store apart by offering grapes from Welch’s, a brand your consumers will recognize for quality and consistently great flavor.

Green Seedless Red Black Seedless Organics


Strawberries and blueberries are a fun, healthy snack, and a way to add flavor and beauty to salads, salsas, appetizers, and more. Sweeten your berry category with our expertise and solutions that bring you the berries you need, year round.

Strawberries Blueberries

We bring advantages to the table.

Add the value of our experience and expertise and you have a winning combination of high-impact packaging, innovative marketing support, and branded produce that shows customers you care about quality. Set your store apart from the competition when you offer Welch’s — a brand consumers connect with words like "quality" and "heritage."1


Did you know?

Snacking is now the number one eating occasion, and eating alone is on the rise, both of which are driving a need for smaller portions. Grapes are often consumed on their own because of their convenience and portability. When combined with other items, they are most frequently used in a fruit or green salad.2


Fresh promotions

• Dress up your produce aisle with back to school flare only a Welch’s® grape display can provide.

• Make Valentine’s Day more lovable with chocolate-covered strawberry recipes made with quality Welch’s® berries.


Let's talk fresh

1 Cooper, Carla, and Harvey Hartman. (2013) Reframing Retail through the Lens of Changing Food Culture. Study by FMI, Daymon Worldwide, and the Hartman Group.

2 What We Eat in America Survey. CDC/USDA. Survey years 2003-2010. Day 1 Dietary Data.

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