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November 17, 2021, 12:00 PM CST

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North American Freight Market Insights | C.H. Robinson

No matter how volatile the market gets, timely Freight Market Insights can help you make more informed supply chain decisions that mitigate your risk and help avoid disruptions. Ask our experts your toughest market questions and find out how the latest market changes will impact your business.

Market Insights Live! Q4 2021

Join our experts for a one-hour, live webinar to hear about market insights and critical government regulations that could impact your shipping experience into 2022. We’ll cover topics that matter most, like the potential impact of the infrastructure bill, current status of the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), continued congestion at the ports, and how you can prepare for the year to come.

Ask questions, gain a deeper understanding of the market, and access information you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

You will learn

Along with updates for North American surface transportation, ocean, and air service, you’ll learn:

  • Current supply and demand trends
  • Our 2022 truckload rate per mile forecast
  • How to find potential refunds under USICA
  • The impact of regulations on local and global shipping
  • How you can prepare for changing market conditions into 2022

Featured Speakers:

Jason Craig
Jason Craig Director, Government Affairs
Jenna Kuehn
Jenna Kuehn Director, Inland Drayage
Steve Raetz
Steve Raetz Director, Research & Market Intelligence