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92% water. 100% sweet.

The sweet spot of the family picnic, a smile when you open your lunchbox, a big bowl of fruit salad on a Sunday afternoon—life just wouldn’t be the same without watermelon. Build on your shoppers’ love for this favorite fruit all year round—a large display of watermelons makes a big impression that’s hard to resist.

Did you know?

59% of consumers who prefer mini-melons will not switch melon types but will go to another store to buy them!

C.H. Robinson Consumer Panel, 2013.




The mini seedless Classico watermelon has deep red flesh and a thin rind. Round with dark stripes, and weighs on average 2-3 kg (4.5-6.6 lb). Sweet, unique flavor



The Maxima watermelon is seedless, with very deep red flesh and high lycopene content. Round to slightly oval shape with dark stripes, and weighs on average 9-10 kg (19-22 lb). Crisp, excellent flavor.



The seedless mini Proxima watermelon is round, has firm flesh, and weighs on average 2-3 kg (4.5-6.6 lb). Delicious, unique flavor.