Embrace, don’t waste, imperfect produce

Beauty is only skin deep—especially when it comes to fresh produce, because misshapen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious and delicious as their more aesthetically-blessed counterparts. As a result, many less-than-desirable fruits and vegetables are often overlooked and never make it to the shelf.

To help shift consumers’ thinking toward embracing imperfect or irregular-looking produce and give growers a market to sell produce that would otherwise be wasted, Robinson Fresh offers the Misfits® program to retailers and foodservice providers. This food rescue program aims to reduce the amount of produce that would otherwise be discarded—because of minor blemishes, slight discoloration, or unusual sizes that do not necessarily affect freshness or quality—by selling it at reduced prices.

Misfits®: The ugly truth

The ugly truth is that six billion pounds of fresh produce goes unused each year. The Misfits® food rescue program is designed to make imperfect fruits and vegetables more accessible and affordable to consumers while helping growers sell their entire crop.

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