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Power up your veggie aisle

With so many new ways to enjoy greens—in power smoothies, shredded raw for salads, and even baked as healthy “chips”—it’s no surprise consumers are clamoring to get more. Stock your produce aisles with eye-catching bunches of chard and kale, plus fresh cabbage, washed and ready-to-use. Display these vegetables with their impressive nutrition info, plus recipes and cooking tips—shoppers are certain to remember to get their greens!



Cabbage is known as a cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetable—loaded with vitamins K and C, minerals, and fiber. Stock up on this power-packed staple, deliciously sweet when steamed as a side, or to add flavor to soups, stews and casseroles.


Greens are packed with vitamins, iron, calcium, and more. Shoppers are well aware of this, so be sure to offer a healthy variety in attractive bunches, plus bagged, ready-to-use greens for convenience-seeking customers.

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