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We dig potatoes and onions

Stock up on the basics and make sure they can find many options for their everyday staples like potatoes and onions. Our growers take pride in these basic vegetables, digging up crop after crop for your customers.


Organic Onion

A culinary standard, onions add flavor and richness to so much of what we eat. For organic shoppers who love to cook, these organic items are a must-have item for your fresh produce section.

Sweet Potato
sweet potato

With nearly half of consumers buying sweet potatoes in the last year, you’ll want to offer organic options for this versatile veggie. Great baked, for sweet potato fries, or diced into soups and stews. Naturally fat free, high in fiber, and brimming with vitamins A and C,1 with a sweet, creamy flavor.

Source: 1. www.fda.gov

Organic Potatoes

Fresh from the ground, our organic potatoes come in several varieties including russets and reds, plus fingerlings, French, and more. Rely on us for delicious potatoes year round. A great source of vitamin C and potassium.1

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