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managed procurement services

Managed Procurement Services

You can’t manage what you can’t see.

To help you see what may be missing in your supply chain, Robinson Fresh offers a technology-driven solution through our Managed Procurement Services (MPS). As a division of C.H. Robinson, a top global third party logistics provider, we combine a powerful technology platform that provides a wide range of functions and integrated solutions to help you see and streamline your entire supply chain. We can help boost end-to-end visibility, increase your effectiveness, and even lower your total landed costs.

Manage your supply chain with confidence and success.

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We dig deep to learn about your business goals and pain points and proactively identify your needs. From there, we create a customized and comprehensive solution to increase efficiencies in your supply chain. With MPS, you have the resources and support needed to grow your business, measure effectiveness, and track your success.

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Standardized order processes

Item codes, order quantities, and shipment frequency probably differ from one location to another—a complexity that can create inefficiencies in your supply chain. MPS flawlessly translates those various languages into one universal language and then processes and stores them on a single source platform. This seamless flow of data and digitally standardized order processes allows for order consolidation, distribution alignment, and reduction of overall supply costs.

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Supply chain visibility

Inbound and outbound visibility are crucial to a well-managed, consistent supply chain. MPS provides the supply chain technology that gives you enterprise-wide visibility, no matter how many suppliers or distributors your store locations or departments use, which helps identify and execute supply chain consolidation opportunities and delivers cost savings and greater efficiency.

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One size rarely fits all. Your business is unlike any other, and your success is driven by those differences—and your ability to provide unique products and services to your customers. Our supply chain technology is customizable at each phase throughout the supply chain. This helps ensure the integrity of your business and gives you the opportunity to adapt and grow as needed.

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Track and analyze

MPS technology performs the appropriate checks and balances throughout the order process, validating item codes, costs, quantities, and more, which helps ensure the accuracy of your data. MPS also aggregates data, providing comprehensive analysis of and full visibility into your supply chain’s performance while delivering customized business intelligence.

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