Grow Fresh Produce with Us

Whether you need help figuring out what to plant, who to sell to, or how to make the most of your season, we bring fresh ideas to growers around the world.

Innovating together for growth opportunities

Experience the benefits of growing for Robinson Fresh. In addition to establishing a collaborative relationship, we support your success every step of the way. 

Tech in the field

Plan crops according to demand using insights and research. Then achieve instant communication and full product traceability with electronic data interchange (EDI) connectivity. 

Pioneering products

Stay up to speed with the latest produce varieties. Thanks to our investments in seed development, new variety trails, and season-lengthening strategies, you are at the forefront of the industry.

Customer access

Sell your produce to retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice companies around the country. With 98% penetration with the top 100 U.S. retailers, we make year-round sales possible—for all the products you grow. 

Team support

Work with our area managers, field technicians, and agronomists. They will be in the fields with you to achieve high-quality, consistent supply of the fresh fruits and veggies people love.

Join our team of valued growers

Stability, support, and service are just the beginning when you grow for Robinson Fresh.

Align with us for help optimizing farming operations, achieving higher produce yields, and simplifying your supply chain. Working together to meet quality assurance and food safety standards means you’ll be more prepared for audits or the unexpected recall.

Get competitive prices for your produce; we sell to a wide network of national retail, wholesale, and foodservice customers.

Let’s talk about achieving your goals.

Discover more topics that matter

Quality assurance

Meet the complex quality assurance terms and food safety requirements that affect your business, including audit preparation, recalls, and ongoing trends. 

Who we are

Take advantage of our fresh supply chain expertise. From product teams and supply chain logistics professionals to insights analysts, we become an extension of your team. 

Consumer and category insights

Sell products quickly and keep consumers coming back for more by aligning your commodities with what shoppers are buying.