Load Optimization

Properly loaded shipments save time, reduce risk, and can have a major impact on your budget.

  • Pallet configuration planning
  • Truckload capacity optimization
  • Handling requirements compliance

Maintain the cold chain

Get the care your fresh products require with reliable temperature controlled shipping from more than 25,000 approved carriers. 

Access our perishable shipping network

Limit the time it takes for your fresh products to move from supply to stores with 300+ product distributors available in strategic locations across the country.

Load optimization done right

Solving real-world supply chain challenges like globalization, increasing competition, and supply disruptions requires real-world innovation. See the kinds of optimizations our customers achieve with help from our sourcing and supply chain experts. 

Our role in C.H. Robinson

Robinson Fresh is a division of C.H. Robinson. In addition to supplying you with the best produce all year round, we use the temperature controlled carrier network and buying power of C.H. Robinson to provide holistic cold chain solutions that save you money while maintaining freshness. 

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Origin consolidation

Create efficient inbound supply logistics by combining strategic sourcing and seamless transportation from field to distribution. 

Vendor management

Improve supplier performance with accurate, consistent monitoring through customizable technology and reports.
Combine load optimization and vendor services to manage shipments accurately and confidently with connected technology and customized reporting dashboards.


Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting paired with strategic load planning ensures products arrive to store locations when they are needed, with the quality consumers expect.