Fresh Produce Insights: From Source to Store

Get the latest supply chain news, trends, and data to drive efficiency, savings, and sales.

Stay in the know with supply chain analytics

Understand commodities, shoppers, and the market to maximize freshness. With the right information, it's easy to uncover areas to improve.

Consumer insights

From shopping habits to demographic differences, understanding your shoppers can help you understand purchasing decisions and better forecast for demand. 

Omnichannel services

Consumers expect grocery shopping to be seamless—whether in-store or online. Exceed expectations and differentiate your business with positive omnichannel experiences.

Category management

Optimizing fresh sales starts with the right products, at the right price, with the right merchandising. Get tailored promotional plan recommendations that work. 

MyFreshInsights Portal

Our customized reporting dashboard has all the category and consumer trends and insights you need to grow your business. We create the reporting and metrics you want delivered through an easy-to-use account specific dashboard.

Insights & Advisories
Relevant and timely resources

From industry-leading research and success stories to digital events, find the information you want in a format that works for you.

Produce industry trends: Your weekly commodity update

View the latest market trends and supply insights across produce varieties with our Fresh from the Field report. Discover what’s influencing fruits and veggies, organics, and temperature controlled capacity, so you can plan ahead and avoid disruption.