Feature Favorite Veggies this Fall

Prepare now for the upcoming surge in holiday demand for vegetables. Make a plan now for your autumn sales.

Get the fresh vegetables your customers want

Veggies are a perfect addition to any meal or snack. Work with us to develop a strategic supply plan that includes local and global supply options to keep these produce section staples in stock, year-round. Find all your customers’ favorites here.


Highlight this in-demand, long-stemmed veggie with year-round availability and innovative packaging options that are sure to catch your customers’ attention.  

Broccoli & cauliflower

Showcase a forest of cauliflower and broccoli bunches. Plus, offer convenient options like broccoli crowns and tenders for shoppers that want an easy, yet healthy choice. 


Expand your offerings of this produce section staple with bulk corn; tray corn; and convenient, individually wrapped ears.

Dry vegetables

Get the supply you need of popular recipe items like cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. Satisfy your customers year-round when you have them all in stock.


Stock your produce aisles with eye-catching bunches of chard and kale, plus fresh cabbage, washed and ready-to-use.

Keep your business thriving

Fresh, reliable expertise across 50 produce commodities 40 countries helps us align the products you want with the supply chain services you need—no matter the season. Get customized, 24/7 service and support.

Supply chain services: From field to store

Secure fast, reliable distribution solutions with capabilities and expertise across the fresh supply chain. Let us align your products with their specific logistics and transportation services to reduce transit time and help keep your produce fresh.

Produce industry trends: Your timely vegetable update

View the latest market trends and supply insights across vegetable varieties with our Freshspective report. Discover what’s influencing veggies as well as temperature controlled capacity changes, so you can plan ahead and avoid disruption.

Explore more fresh produce services

On-demand supply

Secure surety in supply. Shelves of empty veggies strain consumer loyalty. We source products from various locations throughout the year to keep your shelves full.  

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Access distributors and supply chain solutions to get what you need—anywhere you need it. From source to store, work with our market-leading fresh supply chain network. 

Category management services

Overcome challenging demand surges during the holidays. With customized category management services, you can ensure the right mix of products to optimize sales.