Sustainable Products Reduce Food Waste

Develop solutions to reduce food waste at the product level. From new technologies to groundbreaking processes, together we can develop the strategies your organization needs to minimize food loss.

Apply sustainable innovations from the ground up

Reaching your sustainability goals is a journey made up of many smart choices. Discover the unique ways we approach sustainable products. 

Support growers

Fair Trade Certified™ products promote safe working conditions, environmental protections, and sustainable livelihoods for growers while boosting your bottom line.

Reduce waste

Extending the shelf life of your most sought-after fresh products drives consumer loyalty and can help curb food waste trends.

Fair Trade Certified™: For people and the planet

Conduct business ethically with Fair Trade Certified™ produce. Fair Trade Certified™ products are part of a movement that has generated $740 million dollars in financial aid for farmers and workers in the grower community. It is a simple way to prioritize the people and places behind the products you sell.

Good for the world and your bottom line

The benefits of Fair Trade Certified™ produce extend beyond growers. Consumers support Fair Trade Certified™ programs with their dollars and providers that carry Fair Trade Certified™ products typically see a 3% increase in dollar sales over a six-month period.

Apeel™: Slowing spoilage – naturally

According to , nearly 40% of the U.S. food supply is wasted each year, which equates to around 80 billion pounds of food. By extending the shelf life of the most sought-after products, you drive consumer loyalty and curb waste.

Longer lasting produce—abundance for all

Treating produce with Apeel, a plant-based protection, doubles the item’s shelf-stability. Through our collaboration, we’ve already saved nearly 2 million limes, eliminated 110 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and conserved 19 million gallons of water.

Get more information on topics you care about

ESG resource hub

See the other ways we approach sustainability. Explore our latest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report, compliance documents, and more.

Sustainable packaging

Choose from a range of low-plastic, compostable, and recyclable packaging options for your fresh produce and give shoppers what they’re looking for. 

Consumer insights

Keep your produce department stocked with the right product mix of sustainable offerings for your shoppers using data-backed insights.