The sweet spot

Bring summer to your shelves year round, with a sweet display of melons. Shoppers love melons for snacking, in salads, or even as a healthy dessert. Offer your customers their favorites—in bins, cut in halves or quarters, or in 2-count net bags. Extra sweet merchandising or sampling might just entice them to grab one more…



A popular melon—shoppers love the versatility of this juicy fruit with its beautiful orange colored flesh. Showcase an abundant display that highlights the many ways cantaloupes add flavor and freshness, from kabobs and grilled slices, to cold soups and cocktails.

Honeydew Melons

Our luscious, sweet honeydew melons are certain to appeal to your shoppers and bring them back for more. These versatile melons are perfect for snacks, or to add flavor and color to salads, smoothies, and more. Grown with small seed cavities and a smooth, non-porous skin.

Mini watermelon

The seedless mini watermelon is round, has firm flesh, and weighs on average 2-3 kg (4.5-6.6 lb). Delicious, unique flavor.

Seedless watermelon

Our seedless watermelons come with very deep red flesh and high lycopene content. Round to slightly oval shape with dark stripes, they weigh on average 9-10 kg (19-22 lb). Crisp, excellent flavor.

Brands we offer

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