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Taste as sweet as paradise. Year round.

Tempt shoppers with the taste of paradise, year round. The fragrance of juicy pineapples, luscious mangos, mild papayas, and zesty limes, will get shoppers thinking of new ways to use these tropical treats. No longer just for special occasions, offer shoppers recipes and ideas to use these luscious fruits—mangos on green salads or blended into smoothies, pineapples grilled as a topping for pound cake, and limes squeezed into soups or entrees, perking up summer drinks, and zipping up salad dressings and dips. Ahhh, paradise!



Limes add flavor and brightness to so many eating occasions. Offer shoppers a bounty of ideas to use limes—to zip up salad dressings and dips, add flavor to soups and entrees, or simply squeeze into beer or other drinks. Choose from Persian or Key limes. Tart flavor.


Papayas are known for their rich, vibrant colors. Maradol and Tainung are the two dominant varieties of large papaya in the market. Robinson Fresh worked with a seed developer to bring a new papaya to market—one that has the best of both Maradol and Tainung varieties. Robinson Fresh continues to offer the Maradol and Tainung varieties. However, the Imperial papaya is our signature papaya.


Mangos have become an anyday treat, and they’re packed with over 20 vitamins and minerals including A and C. Tempt shoppers into buying these tropical beauties, with tips on peeling and dicing for a simple snack, plus recipe ideas for everything from entrée salads and smoothies, to fresh salsas and luscious desserts. Fragrant, extra juicy, and sweet.


Pineapples are a favorite tropical among all ages, and an excellent source of vitamin C. Build sales by showcasing new ways to use pineapple—in fruit kebobs, to dress up cheese plates, grilled to accent pork tenderloin, or frozen to drop into sangria or blend into smoothies. Fragrant and sweet-tart, with juicy, firm flesh.

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