Tropical Fruits as Sweet as Paradise

These beautifully bright fruits practically market themselves. Keep a wide mix of varieties in stock with year-round supply options. 

Vast variety of tasty tropicals

No longer just for special occasions, offer shoppers these luscious fruits whenever they want. In a space of highly nomadic crops and a fragmented grower base, consistent quality, flavor, and service are here.

Control the flow of tropicals in your supply chain

Meet specific store location demands with our aggregation services. By moving all tropical items from the same warehouse, it’s easy to ship the right mix of varieties in the quantities you need.

Variety of growing regions for a variety of flavors

Where your tropical fruits come from varies at different times of the year. Keeping a continuous supply of fresh fruits going all year long requires careful coordination—especially when the growing season ends in one region and picks up in another. See where your fruits are coming from at this time of year.

Expand your tropical offerings

Tempt shoppers with a taste of the tropics. Growers around the world make it possible to source, market, and distribute these in-demand products year-round. From old favorites to new flavors, explore your tropical options.


Healthy, hearty avocados are versatile and delicious. Having the appropriate quantities of ripe avocados on shelves will keep consumers coming back for more.


As a top consumer favorite, bananas require carefully aligned sourcing and transportation. Get quality bunches all your store locations require..


Whether you need individual kiwi fruits, clamshell options, or both, expect the highest quality products for your produce section.


As an essential ingredient in many recipes, make it the highlight of your produce section. Keep limes stocked year-round with strategic sourcing and supply chain management. 


Sweet and delicious, mangos continue to grow in popularity. They are perfect as a healthy snack, and delicious in a multitude of recipes.  


Consumer demand is growing for new and unique fruit options. Let a variety of papayas bring color, interest, and flavor to your produce assortment.


Juicy and sweet, pineapples are perfect for every member of the family. Ensure you have the year round supply your shoppers need. 

Produce industry trends: Your tropicals update

View the latest market trends and supply insights across tropical fruits with our Freshspective report. Discover what’s influencing tropical products as well as temperature controlled capacity changes, so you can plan ahead and avoid disruption.

Pineapple crisp

A sweet new take on dessert. This delicious treat is sure to please the entire family.

Discover more topics that make an impact

Product sustainability

Reduce food waste and see increased revenues with programs like Apeel™, which extend the product shelf life of your shoppers favorite tropical fruits. 

Consolidation & crossdock

Numerous tropical products in varying quantities are required to fill your store shelves. We consolidate volumes and aggregate commodities via cross dock services, so the right products arrive at your store locations.  

Warehouse services

At multiple warehouse locations near the U.S./Mexican border, we offer repack and sorting services, inventory management, and quality control to ensure only the best products arrive at store locations in the quantities needed