Inventory and Warehouse Technology

Visibility to your inventory online and in warehouses.

Optimize your inventory management

Maximize warehouse efficiency, load optimization, and historical analytics with technology 

Navisphere Warehouse Management Solution (Nav WMS)

Nav WMS manages real-time warehouse inventory execution. Receiving, shipping, storage, and crossdock activities are all tracked and detailed reporting is available on-demand or scheduled. 

Navisphere Inventory Online (NIO)

NIO provides visibility to inventories by SKU and location and expected inbound and outbound inventory flows. On-demand or scheduled reporting includes pallet, item, and order level details.

Reduce cost risks

With Navisphere Warehouse management, you have complete visibility to warehouse inventories so you can accurately see where ALL of your costs exist within the supply chain – meaning you can better manage these costs and reduce overall risks.  

Clear communication and connectivity

Two-way communication via Navisphere Inventory Online provides visibility to third party warehouses of expected shipments and inventory details. Our flexible network of warehouse options can be utilized rapidly to ensure we meet your specific inventory demands. 

Our role in C.H. Robinson

Robinson Fresh is a division of C.H. Robinson. In addition to supplying you with the best produce all year round, we use the buying power of C.H. Robinson’s global network of temperature controlled carriers to provide holistic cold chain solutions that save you money while maintaining freshness. 

Enable real-time supply chain visibility with powerful technology

Eradicate supply chain management discrepancies that disrupt the flow of goods with our priority purchase order management technology.

Our experts go beyond simple consultation, helping you understand how to transform your supply chain to meet today’s market needs.

Tell us more about your business, then meet with our logistics experts to review your current supply chain challenges.

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Warehouse services

In addition to inventory technology, we help customers with hands on services at warehouse locations like repacking, quality assurance and a host of other crossdock activities.  


Our end-to-end TMS helps manage everything: from planning and optimization to reporting and analytics.  

Inventory management & replenishment services

By pairing visibility capabilities to inventory at rest and in transit, you have the complete picture of your inventory quantities and costs, so you can best manage your entire supply chain.