Creating a Sustainable Path to Purchase for Fresh Produce

Look beyond packaging and products for innovative, sustainable opportunities to reduce waste, emissions, and inefficiencies from your fresh supply chain.

Establish supply chain sustainability as a priority

Develop and implement sustainable logistics processes with multimodal opportunities.


Reduce carbon emissions with crossdock and consolidation services at various stages of your supply chain.

Warehouse efficiency

Drive efficiency with expanded warehouse programs that reduce plastic, use LED lighting, and more.


Measure the true impact of sustainability activities to better manage and report on your goals.

Reduce trucks, miles, and emissions through consolidation

When it comes to reducing overall carbon emissions from the supply chain, there are two primary methods: Cut the number of trucks used and lessen the miles travelled. We do both.

Experience the benefits of consolidation

With suggested service options, you can find the right carbon emissions reduction strategy for your business. Identify and measure current standings then use our recommendations—from consolidation to route optimization—to significantly reduce emissions.

Store products responsibly at the warehouse

Add round-the-clock sustainability measures to your inventory strategy. Through our existing warehouse programs, it’s easy to make smart, sustainable choices that make a differencenow and in the future.

Add warehouse efficiency

Sustainable practices like donating rejected food to non-profit organizations, using electric forklifts, and using LED lights on motion sensors are all simple ways to reduce emissions and overall electricity consumption at warehouses. Take your inventory strategy to the next level with our established programs.

Monitor your emissions

Easily review your supply chain’s carbon emissions by mode, location, and retailer to gain insights that will focus your reduction efforts and uncover how your numbers trend over time

Achieve your goals with Emissions IQ™

With this self-serve tool, you can easily measure and help reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint. Start with a baseline analysis and summary, identify key performance indicators and use your year-over-year benchmark to make an impact.

Discover more about us

ESG resource hub

See our approach to creating resilient, sustainable supply chains around the world. Explore our latest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report, compliance documents, and more.

Connect with an expert

Discover efficiency opportunities, develop a plan, and create a road map for sustainable changes across your global supply chain. Share your goals with logistics experts who understand.

Corporate responsibility

See the ways Robinson Fresh and C.H. Robinson give back to society. Our commitment to responsible business practices has a positive impact on our communities, people, and planet.