Meet Consumer Expectations with Insights and Services

Drive results with consumer-focused data. From habits to preferences—these insights help you understand shoppers’ needs. 

Align products and services with what consumers want

Align with your shoppers needs with help from our consumer insights team. Full-time analytic advisors support your business by delivering customized insights that drive results.

Increase sales with actionable insights

Grow your share of the consumer dollar. Discover what shoppers want in terms of product variety, local and sustainable options, and health and wellness choices. When insights are used properly, you can optimize your product portfolio to increase consumer loyalty and drive sales.

Get data and fresh information on demand

Make impactful business decisions with accurate, on-demand data. We provide customers with the tools and technology to stay up to date with changing consumer expectations.

Dive into more fresh subjects

From insights and trends, to webinars, case studies, and videos, we have it all.

Discover similar industry information

Category management

Shop and purchase products based on their specific attributes. Bring focus and clarity to each category to increase sales across your entire produce section. 

Omnichannel experiences

Deliver the seamless shopping experience consumers want. Whether in store or online, our omnichannel research, development, and services show what’s important. 

Customize your insights

Support your fresh produce needs with our proprietary technology, MyFreshInsights™ to keep sales and revenue data accessible in real time—any time night or day.