Inbound Service Solutions

Optimize upstream to deliver what today’s customers want while adding efficiency.

Streamline the journey from source to distribution

Drive efficiency from the ground up with effective logistics processes, clear communication across service centers, and visibility into your shipments and fulfillment lifecycle. Explore the services you can use to grow your supply chain.

Demand forecasting

Use historical data, category insights, and consumer analytics to accurately align supply for changing demand and shifting market conditions. 

Load optimization

Address how products are loaded and transported on trucks. Optimizing space can reduce overall transportation costs.

Origin consolidation

Combine shipments at pickup for less handling and fewer transfers. This also allows additional truck space from supplier to packing house. 

Vendor management

Improve vendor performance by associating vendors with your specific goals. Straightforward vendor management activities can also help control costs and mitigate risks.

Inbound Solutions

When you work with C.H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh, we know what it takes to build an agile supply chain from the ground up. Together, we can apply the right inbound shipping strategies to reach your goals.

Create the most efficient and cost-effective inbound strategy

Move products efficiently from source to distribution. Trust our inbound services to align with your needs. Together, we can create an adaptable, streamlined inbound strategy that impacts your overall business. 

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Temperature controlled transportation

Preserve the quality of sensitive freight with reliable, available capacity from over 25,000 trusted and reliable refrigerated carriers.

End-to-end services

Focus on growing your business while we grow your supply chain with source to store services and management. 

Consumer insights

Understand how market demands impact your current and planned inventory. Through research, these insights offer strategies to align supply sources.