Bunches of varieties

Who doesn’t love grapes? And with healthy snacking strong and on the rise, you’ll want to stock up on this popular and portable fruit year round. The unforgettable crunch of a Pristine, the robust flavor of a Scarlet Royal, or some of the classics like a Thompson seedless grapes—offer up a variety to keep shoppers perusing your produce and coming back for more. Turn-key merchandising materials help you catch shoppers’ attention, giving them bunches of reasons to add even more of this crunchy-sweet fruit to their carts.


Black seedless

Black grapes, with their deep, vibrant color will attract those customers who want to add something unique to their plates—especially when entertaining. Bursting with flavor, their thin skins make them easy and delicious to eat fresh as a convenient, healthy snack. Seedless and sweet.

Red grapes

Red grapes are perfect for healthy snacking. Showcase these beauties with serving ideas. Add a delicious crunch to a favorite chicken or green salad, or freeze grapes and add to sangria or other cold drinks. Crunchy, sweet, and juicy. Choose from seedless varieties including Flame, Ruby, Emperatriz, Crimson, and Majestic, plus plump, seeded Red Globe grapes.

Green seedless

Green seedless grapes are delicious as a quick, crunchy snack. Offer shoppers serving ideas to boost sales—grapes are pretty on cheese trays and kabobs, or added to tuna salads for a delightful flavor complement. Mild, sweet to slightly tart flavor. Choose from varieties including Perlette, Thompson, Sugraone, Autumn, and more.

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