Dry Vegetables

Abundant supply. From near and far.

Our growers take pride in offering an abundance of the highest quality produce, so your shoppers can select from peppers, squash, eggplant, and cucumbers. From local fields at the edge of town, or fertile fields across the world—get the supply you need to satisfy your customers, year round.



Crisp, juicy cucumbers make a green salad extra delicious—remind shoppers to add the cukes and tomatoes to make a salad they’ll be eager to enjoy. Perfect sliced raw for snacks anytime, or chopped and tossed with a favorite vinaigrette.


Peppers add taste appeal to everything from cooking and salads, to snacks and salsas. Showcase your colorful peppers with recipes and preparation ideas, and shoppers are certain to toss more into their carts. Bell peppers are delicious sautéed and folded into omelets, habañeros and jalapeños add a welcome kick to spicy salsas, and green peppers are essential to a good spaghetti sauce or chili. Or, simply slice sweet bells for an anytime snack!


Eggplant is gaining in popularity as shoppers find more ways to use this delicious, high-in-fiber veggie. Showcase these purple beauties with enticing recipes for eggplant parmesan, sliced and grilled with olive oil and rosemary, or baked and mashed in dips like baba ghanouj.


A flavorful dinnertime staple, squash is a delicious change of pace for any day. Shoppers can be encouraged to buy squash more often when you share ideas for this versatile veggie—add green zucchini squash to a sauté, slice yellow squash to add flavor to a salad, or steam cubed and ready-to-use butternut squash for a simple side with butter and salt.

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