Leading the way in sustainability

Our work developing and implementing sustainable solutions spans across the fresh produce supply chain

Committed to advancing sustainable solutions

At Robinson Fresh, we believe it is our responsibility to nourish both our communities and the planet. Through our network of growers and customers, we leverage sustainability practices to do just that. 

Sustainable products

Robinson Fresh is committed to reducing food waste through programs like Apeel that focus on extending product shelf life. In addition, we have a long-standing partnership with Fair Trade USA providing aid to growers and the grower community.

Sustainable packaging

From reducing plastic or transitioning to recyclable and compostable packaging options, it is our mission to offer customers sustainable options across product categories.

Sustainable path to purchase

From food donations to emissions reduction and energy efficiency to waste reduction, there are many opportunities to create a more sustainable path to purchase.

Robinson Fresh can contribute to your sustainability goals

At Robinson Fresh, we believe our approach to sustainability can help our customers, growers, contract carriers, and suppliers add value to their supply chains

800 trees planted

Robinson Fresh was recently recognized for planting 800 trees around the world by One Tree Planted foundation which is committed to the reforestation, conservation, and protection of endangered forests.

Our role in C.H. Robinson

Robinson Fresh is a division of C.H. Robinson. In addition to supplying you with the best produce all year round, we use the buying power of C.H. Robinson’s global network of temperature controlled carriers to provide holistic cold chain solutions that save you money while maintaining freshness. 

Discover more topics that matter

Carbon emissions IQ

Effortlessly measure and reduce emissions across your global supply chain with Emissions IQ™ from C.H. Robinson.

Consumer insights and trends

When developing your sustainable goals, it’s important to understand consumers sustainable preferences. Our team of consumer analysts act as your extended team.

ESG resources

We work with customers to create resilient, sustainable supply chains to drive our global economy and make a positive impact on the planet.