June 2024 - Insights to Action

Positive produce trends continue: Significantly outpacing total edible in both dollars and volume in the U.S.

  • Through 20 weeks, produce is exceeding 2024 expectations by growing 3.5% in dollars and +2.3% in volume.
  • Fruit is currently outperforming vegetables and should expect a substantial lift as the summer selling season approaches.

Fresh produce trends: Regional performance YTD (20 Weeks)1

The Southeast continues to lead all regions in growth.


Map of the United States and table showing regional breakdown of performance.

Top 10 fruits & vegetables YTD1
($ Sales)

Bar graph showing top ten fruit and vegetables YTD.

Commodity spotlight: Mango

Mangos are a delightful summer treat, with their peak season running from May to October. During these sunny months, mango sales soar, as they are a favorite choice for fruit lovers. But what makes mangos truly remarkable is their versatility. Whether you slice them up for a refreshing snack, blend them into smoothies, or incorporate them into savory dishes, mangos add a burst of tropical flavor. Mango demand continues to grow in the United States with a 10% household penetration and approximately 324M lbs. of mangos sold in 2023.

The 2024 shopper experience: Generational insights

The retail landscape continues to evolve into 2024, with millennials and Gen Z leading the charge. Understanding generational shopper differences—like tech preferences—is crucial for businesses aiming to create exceptional experiences.

Gen Z (18–24 years old)

Digital natives: Gen Z relies heavily on digital channels for shopping.

TikTok influence: One in three Gen Z shoppers browses TikTok Shop weekly, with a significant number making purchases there.

Millennials (25–40 years old)

Balancing online and in-store: Millennials blend online and in-store shopping experiences.

Price-conscious: Cost remains a significant factor for millennial purchase decisions.

Gen X (41–56 years old)

Hybrid shoppers: Gen X appreciates both online convenience and traditional retail.

Brand loyalty: They value trusted brands and personalized experiences.

Baby boomers (57–75 years old)

In-store preference: Baby boomers still prefer physical stores.

Quality matters: They prioritize product quality and reliability.

Organic Report

U.S. organic produce sales up 1.6% in 2023: Best regional performance in the South

Topping $9.6 billion, organic produce sales in the U.S. grew by 1.6% in 2023, while volume declined slightly by 0.1%. These insights come from the State of Organic Produce 2023 report, produced by the Organic Produce Network and analyzed by Category Partners.

  • Market share: Organic produce accounted for 12% of all retail produce sales in 2023. It represented 7% of total produce volume.
  • Top categories: Berries led the way, generating $1.66 billion in sales. Packaged salads followed closely with sales of $1.51 billion. Apples secured a distant third place with sales of $660 million.
  • Volume leaders: Bananas remained the top-volume organic produce, with 538 million pounds sold. Berries narrowly surpassed carrots to take second place, with a volume of 251 million pounds.
  • Regional performance: All four U.S. regions showed year-over-year sales gains in 2023. The South was the top performer for the third consecutive year, with a 3.4% increase. The Midwest and the South logged small volume increases, while the West and the Northeast posted losses.

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Organic Produce has grown 2.1% in dollars and flat in volume the past 4 years.

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