Customer Success: Food Lion Feeds Partnership Recognition

The last three years have been a struggle for supply. With the demand on supply has been through the roof. Robinson Fresh made a point to let us know, hey, what do you need to donate? They made sure that they had product for us to donate to Food Lion Feeds.

Robinson Fresh's involvement with Food Lion Feeds is very rewarding. We enjoy the opportunity to work with Food Lion, their initiatives and bring the Food Lion Feeds, apple bag to the communities within North Carolina and the other areas that Food Lion services.

Not only do they contribute to Food Lion feeds and they show up and they help us. They also help 900 other charities. Last year, it was 900 charities that they helped. It was over $4 million that they gave to these charities and helped those communities in need.

It's what they do. They do it well, they have a long history and produce, coming up with unique items, good quality items and that's something that they're proud of and it's just natural for them. They're really passionate about it. And so it's important for them to use that energy to give back to the communities.

Food and security is really everywhere. The ability that we have within the supply chain to drive sustainable supply chain solutions, reduce the amount of food waste, get products to as many people as we can to give them fresh fruits and vegetables is extremely important and it's going to help not only the communities that we serve but communities everywhere.

With our Food Lion Feeds Apple program that we do every year, That program continues to grow year over year. And you can see as they show up to do the work in their communities. You know, more and more people get in the lines every year. More and more people are buying the apples in store to support those programs. We nominated Robinson Fresh for the "Grand Lion for Good" Award because for one, they deserve it. They have partnered with us over the years to help give back to our communities. They definitely deserve this and they deserve to be recognized for the help that they provided for Food Lion feeds.

Being nominated for the "Grand Lion for Good" Award was extremely rewarding. We're doing what we love to do. We're supporting our customers initiatives. When we do that, we find success.

They're very deserving. Not just because of the efforts that they put into our Food Lion Feeds program, but just in the hunger relief efforts that they put in across the community.

Awarded ‘The Grand Lion for Good Vendor Award’ for support of hunger-relief projects and commitment to driving greater efficiencies across the fresh produce supply chain

Robinson Fresh and Food Lion Feeds are working together to take action and make a difference in the lives of neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

“Robinson Fresh has been a valued vendor for 30+ years, and through their customer-centric approach they have become a seamless extension of the Food Lion team,” said Kristin Wells, Director of Business Development, Food Lion. “The last three years have been a challenge from a supply standpoint, especially as demand has been through the roof. Robinson Fresh’s team can leverage its global suite of services to be there for Food Lion to ensure we have enough product for our Food Lion Feeds program and successfully deliver it to the right place at the right time - all while maintaining quality. The Robinson Fresh team deserves this award, and we are excited to recognize them for being a great partner that we can rely on.”

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