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Evolving consumer demands are creating complexity in food and beverage supply chains. Without proper end-to-end visibility, managing these complex supply chains can be challenging&mdashcosting providers both time and money.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "Company supply chains become more sort of global and/or regionalized. They bring in different partners, they bring in other providers. So getting any visibility to, you know, transactional data that really drives a supply chain was very difficult."

By combining technology, expertise, and impactful logistics solutions, CH. Robinson's managed procurement services help customers establish best in class supply chains.

Bloomin' Brands is one of the world's largest casual dining companies. With four successful restaurant chains, The Bloomin' Brand supply chain team needed to improve efficiency through consolidation and optimization.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] If we wanted a different solution, we're going to have to cobble other providers together and C.H. Robinson's MPS platform was the only one that was an end to end solution. With the C.H. Robinson MPS program, we've been able to drive significant productivity efficiencies for our company. In turn, we've also been able to streamline a lot of processes that have been manual in the past."

MP technology allows Bloomin' Brands to optimize skew portfolios, and better service their store locations.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "We were able to have visibility to what restaurants are ordering, ensuring that the right product of showing up at the restaurant it just makes the supply chain run better. They just have the same level of passion as we do in transporting, servicing our restaurants."

With extensive market insights, C. H. Robinson can respond to advisories and recalls quickly.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "They definitely are a team behind the scenes for us. The speed in which I can get information from C.H. Robinson based on this offer, they have the technology they have. The recording that they have available to me&mdaash;and there's not a price on that."

Our logistics experts analyse customers supply chains and identify opportunities for improvement.

[C.H. Robinson] "The day-to-day relationship with Bloomin' Brands is very strategic in nature. What does it look like in the next six months? What do they want to accomplish? How are we developing our systems to better support them."

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "We've come to appreciate the value of what they bring to the table. Not just from from the day-to-day support--But just, you know, from being solution oriented and helping us think outside the box."

C.H. Robinson has a full suite of logistic services, allowing for customized solutions.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "You couldn't find, you know, the great combination of the people, the process in the technology to manage this network without the C.H. Robinson platform. It's a testimant to C.H. Robinson's ability to truly manage highly complex programs and implement them in a way that is seamless to customers."

With close teamwork and a focus on results, CH. Robinson's MPS team has become an extension of the Bloomin' Brands family.

[Bloomin' Brands testimony] "I would say the C.H. Robinson account team that manages the B2B business has really grown to be a part of our our our team, our supply chain. And if I could build a team, that would be the team I would build!"

Let us show you a better supply chain with CH. Robinson's managed procurement services.

Streamline the purchase order process from inbound orders to invoicing

With foresight, initiative, and resourcefulness, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., worked with C.H. Robinson to tackle foodservice supply chain challenges.

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