Melons Are the Fastest Growing Segment in Produce: Are You Ready?

Hello, and welcome to quarter two of 2024. As the weather starts to warm in various regions, retail produce buyers should be thinking about their melon supply—especially as melons were the fastest growing segment in produce last year. Robinson fresh can help. We are one of the largest suppliers of melon commodities. And we supply both melons and mini melons from both coasts throughout the year. 77% of households purchase melons. Although watermelons lead the category with 64% of total sales, mini melons are now the fastest growing variety, up 12% in dollar sales. The melon category experiences a huge seasonal surge, with nearly 75% of all melon sales occurring May through August. This seasonal surge makes it critical for retailers to allot the appropriate space for melons starting around Memorial Day until Labor Day to increase revenue opportunities. We ensure consistent melon supplies throughout the year by sourcing from many locations in the U.S. as well as Mexico and Central America. By working with experienced growers, melons are harvested at peak times to ensure the sweet red flesh consumers prefer. We source 58 unique grower programs and utilize more than 25,000 temperature controlled carriers across the most popular transportation routes across the U.S. This combination of services allows us to provide the end-to-end solutions you need for your melons category. We’d be happy to collaborate with you to accelerate your melon category goals and optimize your supply chain from field to fork.

With nearly 75% of melon sales occurring May through August each year, it’s important to be prepared from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This seasonal sales surge is a wonderful opportunity to increase retail revenue. But only if you can ensure a consistent supply of melons and mini melons all season long.

Robinson Fresh utilizes 58 unique grower programs in the United States, Mexico, and Central America to deliver the consistent supply of melons you deserve. By pairing high-quality, fresh melon products with reliable temperature controlled transportation from more than 25,000 carriers, we’re here to help you capture all those incremental sales.

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