Our Sustainability Initiatives

Hi I'm Rachel Schlabach, Vice President

of C. H. Robinson's environmental, social

and governance work.

At C. H. Robinson were committed to creating

a sustainable future by rewriting

the way we look at supply chains, which

is why I'm proud to introduce the impactful

sustainable solutions are Robinson Fresh

experts are bringing to the fresh food industry.

I'm here with Michael casting Netto, President

of Robinson Fresh, who will share a few additional

details with you about these impactful opportunities.

Thank you, Rachel, happy to

be here. In the last several years there have

been a lot of developments of sustainable food products,

recyclable packaging and carbon emissions


Because we produce source, distribute

and deliver fresh products. We have the

unique opportunity to develop and implement

sustainable solutions with customers across

the supply chain

To provide scope for this work and align our team

of experts. We categorize activities

into three primary pillars; product

packaging and the path to purchase.

Our sustainable experts in each of these pillars

recently sat down to talk more about these


Nearly 40% of the US food supplies

wasted each year, which equates to around

£80 billion. Fresh

is committed to leveraging our scale and global

footprint to reduce food waste. And

we have implemented several programs centered

around the subjective by extending the

shelf life of the most sought after products,

retail customers can drive consumer loyalty

and curb the trend of food waste.

Our daily dose program provides customers

with carefully selected pre-ripened avocados

that are packaged to offer the consumer the

best purchasing and eating experience

while reducing food waste.

In addition to the daily dose, we are

always working with industry providers

and associations to bring our customers

the best sustainable product solutions that

meet consumer demands while being

cost effective.

Beyond food waste. We understand that

sustainability starts from the ground up,

which is why we have partnered with Fair Trade

USA. Robinson Fresh Fair

Trade Certified products are part of a movement

that has generated $740

million in financial aid for farmers

and workers in the grower community.

The purchase of Robinson Fresh Fair Trade

Certified products promote safe working

conditions, environmental protection

and sustainable livelihoods for our growers,

and the communities in which they operate.

Consumers support these programs with

their dollars.

Retailers who carry Fair Trade certified

products typically see a 3%

increase in dollar sales over a six

month period.

Good for the consumer, good for the grower

and good for the retailer.

Sustainable packaging has shown significant

growth in recent years. As the science develops,

we're likely to see a lot of new and different packaging

options for food and beverage providers across

the board. Recent information from

McKinley insights found that over 60%

of consumers care as much about sustainable packaging

materials as they do about the sustainability

of the product itself.

At Robinson Fresh, it's our mission to aid

you in your sustainability efforts by offering

sustainable packaging options across different

product categories. Some of the sustainable

packaging solutions we're working on include

reducing overall plastic or replacing

traditional plastic with paper and other combustible

options. We've also established

relationships with the Sustainable packaging coalition

and how to recycled, which helps ensure that

we remain up to date with the latest packaging trends.

We look forward to working with providers on their specific

sustainable packaging needs.

Innovative sustainable products and packaging

are certainly a large portion of our Robinson

fresh initiatives.

Carbon reduction

has been a focus area for many businesses

and supply chains in recent years.

Now consumers are focusing

on these same initiatives from

food donations to emissions reduction

and energy efficiency to waste

reduction. There are many opportunities

to create a more sustainable path to purchase

fewer miles or fewer trucks can

significantly reduce carbon emissions

and driving change starts with clear


and an understanding of existing baselines.

C. H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh

offer customer platforms to measure

key performance indicators,

make modal shifts when needed

and track emissions intensity using

our carbon emissions reporting tools.

Additional fully customizable

consolidation programs

help customers reduce truckloads,

which saves money while reducing

carbon emissions;

beyond miles and trucks.

We are focused on making our warehouse

and service center facilities as

efficient as possible--

from warehouse donations to paperless


plastics reduction and recycling


We are focused on making continuous

changes in our managed facilities

to support our customer's desires

to work with sustainably focused


We'd love to show you how our emissions

applications and solution

design experts can optimize

your operation's overall while

contributing to your sustainable goals.

We are dedicated to bringing sustainable innovation to the entire fresh supply chain

As a division of C.H. Robinson, one of the world’s largest logistics platforms, we are dedicated to sustainability. Whether in our offices, with customers, or for suppliers, we encourage sustainability across communities and around the world.

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