Make Way for Melons: They Are the Fastest Growing Segment in Produce

For many, warm weather means juicy, sweet melons. In fact, melons were the fastest growing segment in produce in 2023. As such, retail produce buyers need to be thinking about maintaining a consistent supply of melons during their peak season—May through August.

Robinson Fresh can help. As one of the largest suppliers of melon commodities, Robinson Fresh can help ensure you’ll have plenty of melon and mini melons options to choose from—including the mini and seedless varieties that are so popular.

Did you know?

Cantaloupes in Europe can be traced to a single town near Rome—Cantalupo, Italy. Legend has it that cantaloupe seeds arrived from Armenia in the 17th century and were planted in the town that would later lend its name to the popular fruit.


Growing in popularity: 77% of households purchase melons


Pie chart representing the dollar share of various melon varieties.


Melons are certainly popular across the country—especially in the warm summer months. But with so many kinds of melons to choose from, it’s important to know which varieties stand out as favorites.

The chart above shows that watermelons lead the category with 64% of total sales. However, mini melons are now the fastest growing commodity within the category—up 12% in dollar sales.

Summer surge: Melon demand peaks May through August


Stacked bar chart showing demand changes for melon varieties by month


Melon sales are highly seasonal. In fact, the melon category experiences a huge seasonal surge each year with nearly 75% of all melon sales occurring in the four-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

To successfully capitalize on this seasonal surge, retailers must carefully plan, allotting significantly more space to a wide variety of melons all summer long. Failing to do so could mean missed revenue opportunities.

Did you know?

In India, melon seeds are considered a health food known as magaz. Many popular recipes include magaz as an ingredient including, panjiri, a hearty dish of nuts and seeds given to new moms for six weeks after childbirth.


Year-round, consistent melon supply through diverse sourcing locations


Map of the United States and Mexico with colorful circles in locations of melon suppliers.


A consistent, year-round melon supply doesn’t just happen. It requires careful sourcing from strategic locations all over the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

That’s exactly what you get from Robinson Fresh.

In addition to being strategically located, the growers we work with are experienced melon cultivators. They know exactly when to harvest melons at peak times to help ensure each fruit delivers the sweet, fresh flavor consumers prefer.

Maintain freshness every step of the way


Map of the United States showing melon growing locations and distribution lanes.


When you choose Robinson Fresh, you can take advantage of the largest temperature controlled logistics network in North America.

With 58 unique grower programs and more than 25,000 temperature controlled carriers across the most popular transportation routes in the United States, rely on Robinson Fresh to deliver the end-to-end solutions your melon category needs.

Experience the sweet success of a strategic melon program

The melon segment offers a juicy landscape ripe with opportunities. From shifting consumer preferences to the surging demand there’s room for growth and potential.

Now is the time to seize the moment and leverage the power of Robinson Fresh to carve out a strategic advantage in this flourishing market. Work alongside our team to unlock the full potential of your melon program and taste the sweet fruits of success.