DIY All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner

Brighten up your home the best way possible with a fresh-smelling, citrus cleaner that really cleans. Create your favorite combination for even better results.


  • Select Robinson Fresh citrus fruit. Choose your favorite-scented fruit like Navel Oranges, lemons, pink grapefruit, and Minneola Tangelos.
  • Vinegar


  1. Carefully cut away and save the peels—eat or juice the remaining fruit.
  2. Fill glass jar with peels.
  3. Pour in vinegar to cover the peels.
  4. Let stand 2–3 weeks.
  5. Strain so only liquid remains.
  6. Fill the spray bottle halfway full with the citrus/vinegar solution.
  7. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water to dilute.