Outbound Services

Power your last mile logistics strategy with a selection of outbound services. Learn more in our short video or connect with one of our trusted experts for your free supply chain analysis today.

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Whether your shoppers are in-store or online, outbound services from C.H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh help you deliver faster, fresher from distribution to stores. Our outbound services mean the fresh products your consumers want are readily available, even when seasonal demand is high. We handle the day-to-day logistics so you achieve surety of supply and can focus on growing your business. Plug into our vast network for flexible supply options that drive consumer loyalty and revenue growth. Keep products close to stores and pack to order for maximum shelf-life. Bypass distribution centers entirely. Same day and next day deliveries direct to retailers can help fill supply gaps. Get the limited time products you need with little or no notice. Through our purchase order management technology, all store locations can order from a single product catalog, keeping you in control of your product mix and reducing food safety risks. Connect with our team of Fresh logistics experts today.

Direct store delivery:

  • Bypass distribution centers entirely to expedite shipping

On-demand supply:

  • Keep shelves stocked year-round with secondary, limited-time, or all-the-time supply options

Forward distribution:

  • Enable just-in-time deliveries by supply of goods closer to production