Resolutions Drive Revenue: Make sure your tropicals are in stock in Q1

Happy New Year! And welcome to another fresh start in produce.

With so many people taking action on their New Years Resolutions, the start of the year finds produce at the top of many consumers’ shopping lists.

Tropical items like avocados, pineapples, mangoes, and bananas see a higher-than-average lift in sales during these first months of the year.

Even beyond quarter one, the tropicals category has grown faster than the fruit category for the last 5 years and household penetration only continues to grow.

While sales are growing across the country, there are still a few regions that have historically had lower penetration in this category and are now seeing even faster growth as their consumer demand catches up.

Did you know?

Avocados are a relatively new food in the United States. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when avocados found popularity in the our country.

Map of the United States - Shaded by level of development


These tropical products can be challenging to source and distribute. Because these items are grown primarily in southern regions outside of the U.S., inconsistent supply can cause empty shelves. Having continuous supply plus an aligned supply chain is crucial to keep up with market demands.

At Robinson Fresh, we source tropical produce from 12 different countries at peak growing seasons throughout the year.

Did you know?

The banana plant is actually an herb distantly related to ginger.

Map of South America


By having a diverse and expansive supply network, we are able to source the best quality products throughout the year and fill shelves so customers can attain optimized revenues.

Supply sourcing is just one piece of the puzzle. Expedited supply chains must be established to ensure fast transport of these high value commodities. Robinson Fresh imports products through 6 U.S. ports, including McAllen, Texas and Nogales, Arizona.

Did you know?

California’s avocado farmers include Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and Tom Selleck – whose ranch used to be owned by actor Dean Martin.

Map of the United States - highlighting Arizona and Texas


We also utilize more than 300 points of distribution across the U.S. to ensure products are available close to store locations to increase shelf life and reduce order lead times.

Did you know?

First grown in India over 5,000 years ago, mangos are the most popular fruit in the world.

Map of the United States - Pin pointing major cities 

Did you know?

Avocado supply chain managers must ensure storage temperatures aren’t too cold or avocados will shrink. Additionally, they must also limit the amount of sunlight exposure or avocados could overripen.

We pair supply expertise and logistics engineering to implement the best holistic category programs in the fresh industry.

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