Brands set you apart. Stand out in a bold, fresh way.

Brands give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. Choose national consumer brands, our proprietary brands, or work with us to develop a private label program tailored to your fresh produce needs. Sweet, ripe strawberries, crunchy grapes, or crisp, firm bell peppers—your shoppers are certain to be back for more of the high quality flavor our brands deliver.

National brands. Names you know and trust.

Consumers trust national brands. Having branded produce in your store can even signal shoppers that you have high quality produce. National branded fresh produce sets you apart, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Build consumer trust time after time by providing only the finest fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep brand-savvy consumers looking for their favorite brands—and coming back for more!
  • Create excitement in store with attractive packaging that highlights brand names.
  • Give customers their favorites the way they want to buy—choose from bulk, bags, bins, cartons, crates, and more.
  • Drive impulse purchases while creating convenient options for your consumers with value-added products like cut and cleaned veggies and fresh snacks.
  • Boost your fresh sales with our high-impact consumer programs.

Proprietary brands. Growing fresh for you.

Proprietary brands also add value and ensure your fresh produce is consistently top notch. We work closely with our growers, developing innovative programs to ensure quality, increase efficiency, expand yields, and offer variety to give your consumers the fresh options they demand.

We know you want all the staples and more, so we offer a wide variety of produce, including conventional and organic fruits and vegetables. Whether your shoppers crave seedless mini-melons or organic broccoli, our proprietary brands help ensure you’ll have all their favorites on shelf. See all fresh produce.

  • We find produce for you year-round—from local and regional fields, and around the world.
  • Our growers build healthy businesses so you have all the produce you want.
  • Energize your produce aisles and entice shoppers with our consumer programs. Check out our mini-melon program: MelonUp! Pink Ribbon Watermelon.

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