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Reduce the cost and complexity of your supply chain with MPS

Connect the dots of your supply chain through our unique area of expertise in both fresh produce sourcing and cold chain logistics. Our powerful technology-driven solution helps you manage the procurement of fresh produce from the sourcing phase to final delivery.

On average, Managed Procurement Services (MPS) customers save up to 7-10% on their supply chain costs.

Build your best-in-class supply chain with MPS from C.H. Robinson.

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Order process management

  • SKU management
  • Order quantity consolidation
  • Contract/cost accuracy
  • Data analytics


  • Dedicated account management
  • Logistics and industry expertise
  • Continuous optimization
  • Performance driven

Logistics solutions

  • Comprehensive distribution network
  • Procurement/warehouse/ transportation
  • Consolidation/repack
  • End-to-end logistics services

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