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Fresh ideas in growing, for a bountiful future.

After more than 100 years in the fresh business, we have every intention of keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. We’re committed to our growers and the land that sustains all of us—working together to grow new and unique varieties to expand or optimize yields, and offering innovative business-building solutions to ensure that grandsons and granddaughters can continue their family legacies for generations to come.

Our fresh solutions bring growers and consumers together to ensure a bountiful future—like our innovative CrateWise™ packaging that helped revolutionize the corn industry.


Case in point.

Patrick Farms in Omega, GA, is just one of the many local growers Robinson Fresh® works with to bring healthy produce to consumers. Farmed by Gibbs Patrick Jr. and his son, Gibbs Patrick III, Patrick Farms has grown greens for the Glory Foods® brand for over a quarter of a century. Although they take great pride in growing greens for families across the country, they also find pleasure in mentoring other farmers who want to grow greens. That’s why we connected them with growers from the Flint River Cooperative in Newton, GA. Together the two Georgia growers created sustainable growing practices and found ways for Flint River to harvest greater yields, helping to ensure a bright and bountiful future for their cooperative.


This story is just one example of the value we build together with our growers in 36 countries around the world.


Join us and let’s get growing…

Benefits are plentiful when you grow with us.

  • Expand your market and your growing season.
  • Pre-sell your crops.
  • Plant new and unique varieties consumers crave.
  • Take advantage of the high demand for local and regional produce.

We’ve helped create opportunities to grow melons in Georgia, blueberries in Louisiana, and corn in Indiana. Whether you need help figuring out what to plant, who to sell to, or how to make the most of your season, we bring you fresh ideas. From the ground up, for your bottom line.


Let’s grow together