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Let’s talk pears.

From Anjou to Bartlett and beyond.

Mellow and sweeter than apples, this favorite fruit offers a delicious addition to your shoppers’ everyday fruit choices. Pears are excellent snacks, dress up salads beautifully, and also lend themselves deliciously to baking and poaching.

Shoppers love pears!

With only 100 calories, a medium pear offers 4 grams of dietary fiber, 210 mg of potassium, and 11% of the RDA for vitamin C.1


Pear Anjou


The Anjou pear is egg-shaped, with fine and creamy flesh, thin skin, and a light green to yellow-green color. Perfect for snacking and in salads. Spicy-sweet flavor.



The Bartlett pear is a bell-shaped variety with thin skin and white, granular flesh. Prized for its use in canning and baking, Bartletts are great for snacking, too. Sweet and juicy.



The Bosc pear has an elegant shape with a long, tapered neck and a gorgeous cinnamon-brown color. Excellent for snacking or adding to salads, and it bakes well, too. Sweet with tender flesh.

Red Anjou

Red Anjou

Red pears are both beautiful, with their deep burgundy luster, and delicious for snacking and baking. Aromatic, juicy, and sweet.

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