Robinson Fresh / Growers

Sharing a commitment to high-quality produce

As a leader in fresh produce, we work closely with growers to provide sourcing and supply chain solutions to help grow and manage our customers' complex fresh produce business. This results in:

  • More than 2 billion pounds of produce sourced each year
  • Marketing produce for 50 of the top 75 largest food retailers and many of the top foodservice providers in North America
  • The movement of more than 1 million temperature controlled loads annually
  • Deep expertise supporting core produce items

With over 100 years of experience in produce and supply chain logistics, a team of dedicated and responsive professionals go the extra mile to solve our customers’ and growers toughest fresh challenges.

Each week, our team consolidates updates from growers around the world to bring together latest commodity supply insights and other happenings in the produce industry in our weekly enewsletter, Fresh from the Field.

About our growers

As a group, our growers provide consistent and diverse products.

Grower resources

Clear, accurate information to help our growers excel.

All about our growers

We work with growers around the world, so we can offer year-round product supply consumers want—from local and regional fields of crisp green asparagus and fragrant bell peppers, to tropical lands abundant with pineapples and limes. We bring products to market that are grown by individuals and operations that respect the practice of growing and take pride in the product harvested.

Global supply chain flexibility

Our grower strategy is based on a foundation of building strong, purposeful relationships with growers around the world to bring flexibility to fresh supply chains. So no matter the season or supply issues that others might face because of factors impacting the land, we can get the right products at the right time, thanks to our family of growers.

Innovative growing solutions

Generations of growers continue to farm their land and can be successful for years to come thanks to the innovative solutions we help implement that are advantageous for all. From sharing what we know about soil optimization and harvest planning, to offering support from our grower management and development team, we care for the land that sustains us all.

Consistent, year-round products

The grower management and development team, which includes field technicians, onsite quality assurance personnel, and agronomists, plays a vital role in supporting growers around the world. By paying attention to what’s happening in the field and beyond, products arrive safely and with the quality consumers expect.

Local growing success

Patrick Farms in Omega, GA, has grown greens for the Glory Foods® brand for over a quarter of a century. They take great pride in growing and mentoring other farmers. Robinson Fresh connected them with the Flint River Cooperative in Newton, GA. Together they created sustainable growing practices and found ways for Flint River to harvest greater yields, helping to ensure a bright and bountiful future for their cooperative.

Benefits are plentiful when growing with us

Whether you need help figuring out what to plant, who to sell to, or how to make the most of your season, we bring fresh ideas to growers around the world.

  • Expand your market and your growing season.
  • Pre-sell your crops.
  • Plant new and unique varieties consumers crave.
  • Take advantage of the high demand for local and regional produce.

We’re committed to cultivating strong relationships with you—the growers and suppliers we work with in 40 countries around the world. Together, we bring high quality produce to the large and small family stores, retail grocers, restaurants, and restaurant franchises that feed people around the world.

Your commitment to the following requirements and responsibilities helps ensure that Robinson Fresh can successfully move your products through the supply chain. Here are the most up-to-date documents and addendums.

Robinson Fresh grower supplier documents

Food safety requirements

Policies and requirements to meet food safety regulations.

Domestic shipping requirements and terms

Requirements and sales terms for all U.S. domestic product shipments.

International shipping requirements and terms

Requirements and sales terms for all cross border product shipments.

Non-U.S. supplier instructions

Requirements for all products originating outside the United States.

Licensed materials and marketing fees schedules

Compliance and payment terms for the use of all licensed products.

Recall withdrawal communication requirements

Communication requirements for recalls and withdrawals.

Robinson Fresh foreign supplier verification program

Verification requirements for importing food items into the United States.

Robinson Fresh global supplier code of conduct

Responsibilities all growers/suppliers must follow with Robinson Fresh.