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Fresh produce. Giant flavor.

Smooth and creamy avocados, and crisp green, asparagus—your shoppers’ will delight in the variety and flavor these vegetables can add to everyday eating. Add the highly recognized Green Giant™ Fresh brand, and your customers can feel confident you are offering the best quality.

Green Giant™ has a long history of bringing innovative products to the marketplace—from their frozen vegetable offerings to their ready-to-eat microwavable steam packs for fresh vegetables. And their family of growers takes care to raise the most flavorful vegetables, so you can bring your customers premium avocados and asparagus, in peak condition, year round.


We bring advantage to the table

Add the value of our experience and expertise and you have a winning combination of high-impact packaging, innovative marketing support, and branded produce that shows customers you care about quality. Strong brands make a difference—and the popularity of the Green Giant™ among consumers is as impressive as his size.

Fresh promotions

  • Capture your customers’ attention with Green Giant™ Fresh point of sale materials that really pop.

  • From floor graphics and shelf talkers to channel strips and high-impact signage–your fresh offerings are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Meet the Green Giant™ Fresh babies

Green Giant™ Fresh and Robinson Fresh bring you a line of baby vegetables: squash, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Fresh from the field, these wee vegetables bring something new and interesting to your produce aisle and add convenience to healthy eating. Learn why next big trend in fresh is tiny.

Green Giant™ Fresh avocados

Smash avocado sales game day or any day. Grocery sales are on the rise with Green Giant™ Fresh avocados! Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and are rich in nutrients. It’s no wonder restaurants are picking up on this trend, too—adding avocado to everything from appetizers to entrees.

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