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Melons Insights Paper

Melons Insights Paper

What Retailers Should Know about Consumers to Drive More Melon Sales
What Retailers Should Know about Consumers to Drive More Melon Sales
As a complex category with more than 30 different commodities, retailers are challenged with how to merchandise, price, and promote tropical items to enhance performance of the entire department. To better understand how shoppers purchase tropical items and what impacted their decision to buy, Robinson Fresh conducted a survey with U.S. consumers.

Over the last five years, produce at retail has grown at a rate of 1.9% annually, but monthly retail volume growth slows in November and December. Some commodities--like asparagus and traditional cooking greens (collard, mustard, and turnip greens)--sell especially well in these months, despite the overall trend. To explore shoppers' buying behaviors, Robinson Fresh® conducted a survey with U.S. consumers. It revealed insights about their perceptions of asparagus and traditional cooking greens, as well as their purchasing habits. Read this paper to learn about the insights uncovered.

To learn more about the factors that influence their decisions to buy—and not buy—grapes, Robinson Fresh conducted a survey with U.S. consumers—all grape shoppers. The survey revealed insights about their preferences related to grape packaging, varieties, and promotions.

The organics category is becoming mainstream, purchased by shoppers across all demographics. In this paper, you'll learn how merchandising tactics impact purchases of organic produce, the packaging features that best capture shoppers' attention, and the different shopping experience preferences among different generational groups.

The organics category is becoming mainstream, purchased by shoppers across all demographics. Recently, the category has grown in just about every measurable way: in volume, dollars spent, and even in conversations in the media. This paper explores today's organic shopper and the factors that drive their decisions to purchase organics.

More than most fruit commodities, there are several points throughout the year that pineapple experiences a significant increase in sales. What do you need to know to get a slice of those sales? Read this paper for insights.

Flavorful, nutritious mangos are a favorite fruit to many people around the world, but they're considered an unfamiliar or new fruit to many consumers in the United States. Find out what you can do to help increase sales of mangos in this insights paper.

Limes are a popular item in the summer months and for the New Year's holiday, the Super Bowl, and Cinco de Mayo. Find out what you can do to maximize merchandising opportunities throughout the year, plus more, in this insights paper.

To maintain healthy sales of avocados throughout the year, it's a good idea to offer the fruit at varying degrees of ripeness. This paper provides even more insights on the fruit and ideas to help increase sales.

Our new category insights paper, Squashing Food Waste, defines food waste, explores consumers' thoughts about it, and uncovers emerging trends that can help reduce it.

As the premier fresh product and solutions provider, Robinson Fresh gives you access to a worldwide network of growers, smart logistics solutions, and impactful marketing support.

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